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How to Get Notified the Moment Your Shopify Store Goes Down


Get Notified the Moment Your Shopify Store Goes Down

If you’re an ecommerce business owner relying on Shopify to power your online store, nothing strikes fear into your heart faster than seeing that dreaded “Error 503 – Service Unavailable” page. Server downtime means lost sales, unhappy customers, and damage to your brand’s reputation. Even a few minutes of disruption can cost you thousands in revenue.

That’s why having a reliable system in place to monitor your Shopify store’s uptime and alert you the moment it goes down is absolutely critical. In this post, we’ll explore the major benefits of uptime monitoring for Shopify merchants and provide actionable tips on how to get notified immediately if your site experiences an outage.

The Growing Threat of Downtime for Ecommerce Businesses

Let’s start with some motivation on why uptime monitoring needs to be a top priority. According to recent statistics:

    • The average cost of downtime for ecommerce businesses is $260,000 per hour for major brands.
    • 33% of online shoppers will abandon a brand after just one negative experience.
    • 40% of people will not return to a website after a crash or outage.
    • Websites with slow load times can see conversions drop by as much as 20%.


Yikes! With so much revenue on the line, you clearly can’t afford to be in the dark when your Shopify store isn’t available to customers.

Yet outages do occasionally happen even on robust platforms like Shopify. Server crashes, data center failures, DDoS attacks, and other technical issues can all knock your site offline. The key is getting notified immediately when disruptions occur so you can investigate the cause and work to restore service ASAP.

This is where a monitoring service like NetworkNotification is invaluable.

The Power of 24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Imagine this scenario: you’re asleep at 3am when suddenly your Shopify store goes down due to a server outage. But you have no idea there’s a problem because you aren’t actively monitoring the site. Five hours pass before you wake up, check on things, and realize your store has been down half the morning during peak shopping hours!

That’s lost revenue you’ll never recover. But with NetworkNotification, you would have received an immediate phone call or text message alerting you to check on the site.

This true 24/7 monitoring ensures you’re never left unaware if your Shopify store experiences downtime. The key benefits include:

    • Real-time alerts – Get notified within minutes via your choice of phone call, SMS, Discord, Slack, or other channels.
    • Uptime reports – Check detailed uptime data over days, weeks or months to spot trends.
    • DNS monitoring – Ensure your website isn’t being hijacked.
    • Ping monitoring – Ping monitoring measures a server or website’s response time and availability by sending and receiving brief network messages.
    • Port monitoring – Port monitoring involves tracking the status and traffic of network ports to ensure they are operational and secure.
    • Server monitoring – Server monitoring is the process of tracking server’s performance, health, and resource usage to ensure optimal operation and uptime.
    • Simple setup – Begin monitoring in under 30 seconds right from your dashboard.


For ecommerce merchants, having this level of insight and oversight is essential for protecting revenue and your brand’s reputation.

How NetworkNotification Simplifies Uptime Monitoring

If this all sounds terribly complex, don’t worry – NetworkNotification makes robust Shopify monitoring easy and painless. Here’s how it works:

    1. Sign up in seconds – Simply enter your URL and choose alerts channels like phone, SMS, email. Done!
    2. Visual status dashboard – One dashboard shows the real-time status of all elements you’re monitoring.
    3. Smart automonitoring – NetworkNotification automatically detects and begins monitoring linked pages and assets from your home page.
    4. Custom checks – Easily set up custom monitors for databases, etc.
    5. Instant alerts – Get notified immediately via voice call or text if anything fails or degrades.
    6. Reports and analytics – Review downtime stats, uptime percentage, and page speed insights.
    7. Team collaboration – Share monitors and add team members so multiple people get notified of outages.


Within minutes you can start monitoring your key Shopify site elements from anywhere. And rest assured – NetworkNotification has a proven 99.999% average uptime rate itself, so you won’t miss any alerts.

Right now, NetworkNotification is offering a free 3 day trial so you can test it out at no cost. There are also affordable premium plans that cost just $19.99 per month – a tiny price to pay to protect your revenue and peace of mind.

Take Control of Your Shopify Store’s Uptime

Downtime happens, but losing money because of it doesn’t have to. Implementing proactive monitoring through NetworkNotification puts the power back in your hands:

    • Get notified immediately when your Shopify store experiences any outages or slow downs.
    • Diagnose issues quicker to reduce disruption.
    • Protect your revenue, reputation, and loyal customers.
    • Enjoy absolute confidence that your critical ecommerce platform is being watched 24/7.


Don’t leave your livelihood up to chance. Sign up for NetworkNotification today through their quick 30 second setup process, and never be left scrambling from unexpected outages again.

The small investment is well worth it when it comes to safeguarding your business and giving customers the flawless experience they deserve. Don’t wait until it’s too late – take control of your Shopify store’s uptime now.

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