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Safeguarding Your Online Presence Against Hijacking in 2024


DNS Record Monitoring: Safeguarding Your Online Presence Against Hijacking in 2024


In our increasingly digital world, a company’s online presence is crucial for reaching customers and driving revenue. However, this digital footprint is under constant threat from cybercriminals looking to hijack domains for fraudulent purposes. DNS record monitoring has emerged as an essential tool to safeguard websites and protect brand reputation.

The Growing Threat of DNS Hijacking

Domain Name System (DNS) hijacking involves changing the registration details of a domain to point to rogue name servers controlled by attackers. It allows cybercriminals to redirect web traffic to phishing sites, serve malware, and essentially “hold websites hostage” until the owners pay a ransom.

Several high-profile cases of DNS hacking made headlines in 2022. An investigation by Krebs on Security revealed that over 380,000 domains were hijacked to propagate COVID-19 phishing scams and malware. The incidents exploited vulnerabilities in domain registrars to change DNS records and wreak havoc.

As per experts, DNS hijacking will continue to pose severe risks in 2024, with predictions that over 850,000 businesses could face DNS record manipulation. The expansion of remote workforces and cloud infrastructure provides more points of entry for attackers. Apart from financial losses, DNS hijacking can destroy customer trust and ruin brand reputation.

How DNS Record Monitoring Safeguards Online Presence

To counter the DNS hijacking epidemic, Network Notification offers comprehensive DNS record monitoring as part of its all-in-one monitoring suite. Instead of playing catchup after a hack, businesses can now take proactive steps to detect DNS manipulation early on.

Detect Unauthorized Changes Instantly

Network Notification continually checks your domain’s DNS records multiple times a day from locations worldwide. Any unauthorized changes to A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, NS, SOA, or TXT records are detected within minutes and trigger immediate alerts.

The monitoring system ensures you are notified before the changes propagate and cause disruption. This visibility allows you to investigate, confirm whether the changes are valid, and get them reversed if malicious.

Stay Ahead of Expiring DNS Certifications

Apart from external attacks, forgotten renewals or technical glitches can also lead to DNS outages. Network Notification tracks your domain’s DNSSEC and DNSKEY records, notifying you ahead of expiration dates.

By renewing DNS certifications on time, you prevent cybercriminals from hijacking expired domains. The proactive alerts ensure no interruption in resolving domain names to IP addresses.

Quickly Verify DNS Propagation

After making intentional DNS changes like migrating to a new host or updating nameserver addresses, you need to track DNS propagation. Network Notification allows verifying that the adjustments have fully propagated worldwide without affecting accessibility.

The geo-distributed monitoring nodes rapidly confirm when the latest DNS records are live across the internet. This takes the guesswork out of propagation tracking.

Stay Updated with Change Logs

All modifications to your domain’s DNS setup are logged with timestamps in Network Notification’s interface. You can review a historical audit trail of every addition, deletion, or alteration of DNS records.

The detailed change tracking enables identifying suspicious activity, troubleshooting configurations, and maintaining DNS hygiene.

Why is DNS Monitoring Crucial?

Domain names are the digital storefronts of modern organizations. DNS converts human-readable names into machine-readable IP addresses to connect users to the appropriate online assets. Compromising this vital translation layer allows attackers to control the internet experience of your users.

Without ongoing DNS surveillance, websites are vulnerable to the following threats:

      • Phishing: Attackers can point your domain to fake websites impersonating your brand to steal login credentials, financial information and spread malware.
      • Search Engine Poisoning: Manipulated DNS records can delist websites from search engines or use them to rank phishing sites higher, destroying organic traffic.
      • Ransom Demands: DNS access can be blocked completely until substantial bitcoin payments are made to criminals.
      • Reputation Damage: Users seeing error messages, phishing pages, or inappropriate content due to hijacked domains will erode trust in your brand.
      • Loss of Email Functionality: By changing MX records, cybercriminals can intercept, monitor, or block access to email communication.
      • Data Theft: DNS hacking grants access for stealing customer data, intellectual property, and other confidential information.
      • Malware Distribution: Compromised domains become launch pads for infecting visitors with spyware, viruses, and ransomware.


Protecting your online assets from such detrimental outcomes requires proactive monitoring of your DNS setup. Network Notification enables identifying and responding to any unauthorized tampering with DNS records before it derails business operations.

Implementing DNS Record Monitoring Best Practices

While Network Notification provides the technology for tracking DNS records, organizations also need to adopt security best practices to lock down their domains.

Use Strong Credentials

The administrative accounts that manage domain registrations should have strong randomized passwords and two-factor authentication enabled. This prevents credential stuffing attacks that target commonly reused passwords.

Restrict Account Access

Grant DNS record modification privileges only to essential personnel instead of leaving the credentials accessible company-wide. Limiting access is vital as insiders are responsible for over 30% of security incidents.

Maintain DNS Hygiene

Review DNS records regularly to remove unused subdomains that are more vulnerable to takeovers. Follow a strict process for making record updates to prevent misconfigurations that can be exploited.

Monitor Certificate Expiry Dates

Check the validity periods of all TLS/SSL certificates for your domain and receive renewal reminders ahead of expiry. This avoids disruptions due to expired certificates.


Enable DNSSEC certification to implement cryptographic signing of DNS records. This prevents tampering and forgery of DNS data.

Have an Incident Response Plan

Outline the steps to quickly confirm DNS hacking, notify customers, revert changes, and conduct root cause analysis based on your monitoring alerts.

Why Choose Network Notification for DNS Surveillance?

Network Notification offers the most comprehensive DNS monitoring capabilities engineered to meet today’s threats.

Ultrasonic Monitoring Frequency

Network Notification checks DNS records every 5 minutes by default from 50+ worldwide monitoring nodes. This ultra high frequency ensures detecting any DNS manipulation or certificate expiry at the earliest.

Instant and Actionable Alerts

Email, SMS and Phone Call alerts instantly notify you of suspicious DNS activity or expiring certifications. Clear documentation is provided on reverting unauthorized changes to restore domain integrity.

User-Friendly Setup

Getting started with DNS monitoring takes less than 5 minutes. Just enter your domain and the system auto-detects all associated DNS records for continuous surveillance.

Affordable Plans

DNS monitoring is available at reasonable monthly charges starting at just $24. Pricing scales flexibly based on the number of domains you need to monitor and protect.

Seamless Team Management

Collaborate with your team by adding members to Network Notification with customized roles and permissions. Optimal visibility ensures your entire organization is DNS security aware.

Top-Notch Customer Support

Get access to 24/7 chat and email support in case you face any setup or usage issues. Our DNS monitoring experts are ready to guide you for fully leveraging the system.


As cybercriminals become more sophisticated, DNS hacking poses severe risks of financial fraud, data theft, and reputational damage. By implementing robust DNS record monitoring with Network Notification, you can take control of your online security.

Detecting DNS manipulation early and maintaining optimal DNS health ensures keeping your digital assets available and trustworthy. Along with following security best practices, proactive monitoring will be crucial for staying resilient against domain hijacking in the coming years.

Protect your online presence in 2024 by signing up today for Network Notification’s all-in-one monitoring service including comprehensive DNS surveillance capabilities.

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